The Best Craft Breweries in Parker, CO
June 07, 2018

The Best Craft Breweries in Parker, CO

While many people flock to Colorado for the incredibly robust craft brewery scene, most don't know that the scene spreads past downtown Denver. The Parker community is known for many things (have you ever seen the amazing farmer's market?), but beer hasn't historically been one of them. Perhaps that is changing though, as more entrepreneurs see Parker as the perfect spot to start their business. Below you will find our top picks for amazing local craft beer spots near our apartments in Parker, CO.

Elk Mountain Brewing

Founded in 2009 by avid homebrewer Tom Bell and his wife Marcia, Elk Mountain Brewing has become a staple in the Parker community, providing flavorful, easy to drink beers to locals and visitors alike. From ales and ambers to browns, you're sure to find something deliciously Colorado at Elk Mountain. In fact, their Collision Kolsch took home a bronze medal from the Great American Beer Festival in 2017.

Recently, the Bell family decided to retire and put the brewery up for sale. Luckily for those in Parker, it was purchased by Jake Minturn and Doug Hyndman (both of which sport quite the craft beer background), who will rename it Downhill Brewing in the near future. No need to worry though, as the new owners are focused on growing the business while keeping amazing beers on tap!

Barnett and Son Brewing Company

Boasting an impressive list of different craft beer styles, Barnett and Son Brewing has been serving the Parker community since 2013. Founded by another avid homebrewer, Andrew Barnett found that the demand for his flavorful, "true to style" homemade beers was growing faster than he could brew, prompting the beginning of B&S. Flashforward five years and B&S continues to produce local favorites such as their Nugget Smash IPA and Falling Skye Scottish Ale. If you're looking for a relaxing atmosphere to relax in while having a beer with friends, look no further.

Parker is the perfect combination of a tight-knit, small town with all the amenities of a major city. If you would like any more information on the area or would like to know more about what Trailside Apartments have to offer, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.